My great grandmother was Hermine Henriette FOUQUET. She was born at Feb 11th 1842 in Strasburg, Uckermark. she married at Feb 15th 1873 the merchant Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlieb NOLTE who came from Hammerstein in Westprussia. They had three daughters and two sons. Hermine died Feb 22nd 1922 in Strasburg, Uckermark. Her tombstone is still to be seen at the old cemetery of Strasburg. TStrbgHermFouqueta.jpg

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Both of Hermine's parents had French names: FOUQUET und MAILLEFERT,  even though the family was living in German countries for almost 200 years. I was surprised when I first read that. I didn't know anything about the Huguenots and their colonies in the Uckermark. In order to keep the original privilege from 1691it was important to marry within the colony. So until about 1800 marriages with Germans were more the exception, specially in a larger colony such as Strasburg.  They also picked spouses among the colonist from Prenzlau, Bergholz and Battin.


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