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My great grandfather Carl Nolte founded 1876 a factory for making fruit vines and juices in Feldstreet 27.The building still existed in1950. My grandfather Max Nolte had restarted the production for a while after WW2. His sisters lived in the house until they died. Later it was partly torn down and 1974/75 an apartment building got erected on the old basement. Only behind the garages a piece of the old brick wall is left.

The only picture I have of my "Strasburg family". Taken in 1950, when my great uncle Johannes Nolte came from Hamburg for a visit. He had gone to Brazil to other Fouquet relatives in the 1920es and returned after WW2 (right standing). Next to him his wife, in the middle ma grandparents Max and Helene Nolte, nee Schramm. In front left Johanna Fischer, nee Fouquet with her husband Franz Fischer standing behind her. Also sitting my great aunts Emmi and Hedwig Nolte.

In this house Altstaedter Str.15 my great aunt Hedwig Nolte had a dairy shop. 

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