Alleen in Brandenburg



Brandenburg is famous for it's "Alleen" (say Al-lane): Country roads with large trees at each side passing wide fields. The top of the trees meet in the middle of the roads and allow travelling in their shade. The first were planted in 17th century by the Great Elector. When my Huguenot ancestors came into the Mark Brandenburg they were only small trees at the road side. Later, so it is said, Napoleon planted trees at the roadsides so his troups would find the way in winter. Most of todays "Alleen" were planted in the 19th and early 20th century. Their biggest enemy is now the speeding traffic and many car drivers lost their lives after hitting one of the strong trees. After the reunification of the two Germanys in 1989 many of the old roads got repaired and nicely paved, now they invite for speeding. The speed limit is at 80km/h in most of the "Alleen" (50 miles per hour - that is supposed to be slow in Germany for a two lane country road). Many of the "Alleen" suffer of missing trees, trees got cut down and were not replanted. 
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